Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aluminium uprights

19 August 2012: [Extension] Major task for today is a couple of Aluminium upright angles, which define the start and end of the extension. It is extremely important for these to be perfectly vertical and equally spaced (top and bottom dimension) because we are making a kit of prefab parts which must fit exactly - cannot be bodged like blockwork.

Each angle is held with 5 M12 anchorbolts
making it ridiculously strong! The angles
have slotted holes to overcome small errors.
Using 40mm equal angle, but it's 3m long
and needs to be 3.35m, so a small section
had to be scarfed on with rivets.
The aluminium uprights in place.
19 August 2012: Weekend work giving further progress on the extension. Took a while because a small error here will cascade later errors, as I found when first building the Sunbox.

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