Thursday, August 30, 2012

Broadband silence, and Vancouver

30 August 2012: There's been a week of silence from here because our broadband modem failed (electrically) on the evening before the long bank holiday weekend, and today it was only just possible to get the replacement. The iPad has been very useful as the only outlet for Email and Facebook.

Extension: I wasn't able to do much more on the extension as the University stores had run out of aluminium, and Mike the builder was on holiday. I am in need of some steel feet before it is worth ordering timber. I improved the drawings, but had no materials for any building work. I have dissertation students reaching completion, so the time has been usefully employed in helping them!

Vancouver:  Meanwhile I have been working on my paper for the Sustainable Energy Technologies conference in Vancouver in September 2012. For the last two years, I have been evolving much the same paper, mainly advancing the same story a bit further each time, with more up to date graphs etc. This time, I made a completely new start, focusing on the Energy Modelling project of July. The paper starts with a brisk reminder of what the main project is about, and then gets on with explaining the thinking behind the modelling exercise. It is limited to exactly 12 pages, which is quite a good thing, as I would go on for far too long without a limit!
   I also had to produce a 10 page Powerpoint for my professor to take to Vancouver. I cannot go myself due to the need to stay in Nottingham. Getting the paper published, and not having to pay the airfare, hotel and conference admission is good, although I would really love to go. I have a good friend  to stay with in Vancouver, and it is a lovely city.
  I will try to put these on line soon. 

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