Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lens flare without Photoshop

9.8.12: A couple of brilliantly sunny days in August are helping to restore my faith in the British climate (poor gullible fool...) and yesterday the house buried 40kwh - 20 electric and 15+5 thermal. We'll probably get the same or more today, 45 kWh, and hopefully more days like this before the week is out. If Sunday is a good day, I hope for a good reading for the deep ground temperature.
    This photo taken at 5pm shows the sun has moved to the West (end of the working day for the tubes) and there is a brilliant solar reflection off the Sunbox.
    I've agreed to go ahead with having the ETFE fronts and these are almost wholly transparent to solar thermal energy compared with polycarbonate (although they are not optically transparent). The reflection off the polycarbonate is probably as much as with ETFE and there's very little thermal energy lost in reflection off a transparent surface. ETFE is usually lens shaped in building applications (like a pillow) but the ones from Holscot will be flat and stretched, with a central mullion to reduce the span.

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