Monday, August 6, 2012

Nettles on the border

6.8.12: Despite a good cut-back in June, the alternate rain and sun conditions have been perfect for the growth of wild things, including these nettles, heavy with seed, about to blow over into our garden. Yes, I have been out with the big scissors!

The house is right on the edge of the Green Belt, and this is what I have to look out at from my bedroom, from the window below the Sunbox. This was a set of bright yellow rape flower, and now, there's not a trace of yellow, it is all these dried bean pods. I presume these are used to make oil with. A few have grown outside the boundary of the field (some of the seeds have strayed) and I was wondering if one could do something with them (e.g. eat them.... :)

Postscript 9.8.12: The farmer has now cleared the field of rape.

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