Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The pleasure of the Green Belt

13 August 2012: We are so lucky to have a site on the edge of the Green Belt of Nottingham, with countryside only about 4 metres from my bedroom window! The farmer has just harvested the whole field with his giant combine harvester. He even works at night by headlights, and as the lines are so perfect, I assume that he is following GPS guided pathways.
   In the foreground is my daughter's dog, Barney, staying with us for a few days. How wonderful for him to have countryside like this to have several walks a day in! You can have quite a long walk and still keep the house in sight.
   The house looks a bit odd there, but if you scan sideways and can see around the trees as you walk along that boundary, it's clear that there is a greater concentration of PV here than in any other part of West Bridgford. At least 6 other houses within 200 metres of the Peveril Solar house now have large PV arrays.

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