Thursday, August 30, 2012

Woodwork on the extension day 1

30 August 2012:  [Extension] With my "Thermal Modelling" paper complete and sent to Vancouver, and two out of three of my dissertation students completed, I've been able to return to the extension.
    I went to the builders merchant and brought back as much 18mm OSB wood as my roof-rack could carry, and yesterday, I bought a large quantity of aluminium angle. The 150mm PIR insulation is coming as quickly as their truck can bring it. Work started on the cutting. Although the extension has detailed drawings, one cannot help finding the proverbial envelope to make final decisions on for cutting. A large envelope!
   The lower part of the extension is all cut now, angles are being added, and so will the foam. I tend to fritter away parts of the daylight and inevitably finish working long after sunset.
    I've done bits of building work for over 40 years now, and have managed without a CLAMP in all that time. But working on my own, and having to handle large boards and a large saw and litres of glue and foam, suddenly, FOUR clamps come along at once. I cannot imagine how I managed all this time. I am impressed with how the design has advanced so much and how completely effective they are as a building tool. Well, I did manage somehow, I just used a pair of mole wrenches most of that time, but these are very limited.

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