Thursday, September 27, 2012

Extension, quiet progress

27 Sept 2012: [Extension] I've been quiet for a while, as the University term has started and we have things to do there, but also, it has been raining on and off from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday evening. It is a lovely sunny day on Thursday, but DOH! I have to read more dissertations by the end of the day.

A few small things have been done.
  • I have started work on putting roofing felt around the exterior. This will be on walls and roof.
  • I have foamed up the gap between the extension roof and wall, and the east wall and brick wall where there was a gap. 
  • The brick/block opening below the lintel wasn't quite plumb, so this has been straightened up with a bit of filler. 
  • Paid the second half of the invoice for the windows installation, as this is now in the UK.
  • I've been reading up on plastering and plasterboard and dab (including Youtube training videos) and feel pretty well up to doing this, although I need to invest in a few additional tools, like a plaster stirrer, plasterer's saw and rasp, and a new Stanley knife. 
The black felt is going on, but I must not forget where the nylon bolts are, in case I try to drill or nail into them. These locations are being chalked on as the felt goes up. Another bottle of squirty foam goes into the remaining gaps where the blue and red bricks alternative. There is a minimal amount of 'ooze' which is easily cut away with a plasterer's tool.

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