Saturday, September 8, 2012

Extension under wraps

8 Sept 2012: [Extension] The weather has been so good that there was no need to cover it overnight! We are expecting rain in the next week, the one in which we want to build the extension properly. At the moment it is being built in the garden as a pack of 12 cassettes which interlock. 
  The programme is to keep building the cassettes, then the 'wrecking crew' come on Weds to knock the wall down, and insert the beam, and then make good the opening. The extension is to be lifted in pieces and moved round to its final location, reassembled. Hopefully, it will be enclosed by the end of the week. Finishing work will take longer, and I am likely to do the roofing myself. 
Note, South is to the right, This drawing is rotated to make the plans fit an A4 sheet best.
The plan is only to extend 950mm southwards, but that is all the site we have. It is extending the dining room, providing a large window to the south, a small window to the east (morning light) and a deep niche to the west for book shelves and storage.

The extension will generate more power than it will use. The power is to be stored in batteries. 

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