Friday, September 14, 2012

Got the roof on, nearly

14 Sept 2012: [Extension]  Today it was just Andy and DNC and we aimed to get the roof into position. DNC has to take two hours out to go to the University and Andy had to leave early, so it wasn't a full day's work. We succeeded (nearly) in completing the structure - the building is weather proof, but the final cassette is not fitting firmly until 5mm is shaved off the edges.
am: Every seam will be made airtight with metal tape, this aluminium foil tape has strong adhesion to the OSB. While I have been doing this, Andy is finalising the eaves profile for the roof Every seam is then secured with aluminium angles, protecting the tape and providing a structural connection between every OSB piece.
pm: Now the wall plate needs to be connected. We had a steel angle, but it is ridiculously heavy and difficult to drill and lift for just two. DNC purchased a 50x50x5mm aluminium angle that is quite strong enough, but is light enough for you to hold 3 metres on a single finger. pm: A caller visits the house, and is somewhat surprised to be chucked DNC's mobile phone and asked to take a photo of the first roof cassette being lifted into place.
pm: First roof cassette is in place, and the second is added, being slid into place. We decided to have edge mini-walls in the cassette, although this represents a very minor thermal bridge because it is a main structural link between wall and wall. pm: The final East roof cassette is being lifted into place. It is balanced on the wall, and then one of us goes inside and stands below it (on a ladder) and eases it into place on the wall plate. In this picture you can see the eaves profile for the insulation, designed so that it fits the wall insulation.
pm: The third roof panel is on now, but bother! It doesn't fit. First we have to cut some timber off to help it fit round a projecting blue brick. pm: Then, we look harder and realise that the third panel has to come off, and be modified, because it has been built too accurately, and we should have allowed a 5mm tolerance for things which fit between other things. Yes, 5mm has to be shaved off part of it.
Part of me wishes I had included a small porthole type window in the west wall. We intend to fill the niche with shelving, but a small 600x450 mini-window would have been nice, between two shelves.Near sunset, and we can now see that the extension will be almost invisible (below the fence line) when it is finished. For now... it is covered with a blue tarpaulin. (Work will  continue inside)

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