Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holscot ETFE and Charred Cedar

27 Sept 2012: [Extension] The Holscot replacement ETFE frames for the Surya Sunbox have arrived, and are still in their packaging. It's best not to open them until I am ready to make an outer frame as there is a risk of damage if they are unpacked too early.

Another development is further thinking about the wall cladding. All along I have been thinking of some hi-tech finish, in particular Trespa board which is a thin, durable composite board with a wide choice of print finishes, including wood finishes. I have been put off real wood by the risk of maintenance tasks. However, there is a fashion for charred Cedar which is very durable and said to be maintenance free, and it is easily fastened with self tapping screws. However, it is difficult to find a supplier - most of the Grand Designs examples have people doing it themselves with a blowlamp or wood fire. On the campus, my department has been building a house clad with charred cedar, and all the sidings are vertical, leaving an abundance of offcuts, because they try to avoid a joint in the wood. So I am going to try to save a roofrack load from being put in a skip, and see if they will fit our extension. Only 14.4 sqm are needed, and my longest length would be 1.45m if I run them horizontally.


  1. Did you not have to specify the exterior finish for the planning permission?

    Looks as if you are going down the cladding route (felt) but you might consider an insulating render. My Dad had a poduct called k-rend on his house a couple of years ago - looks good and no painting required although I can't find the U-value anywhere:

    It's the salmon pink finish above the house sign.

    I know there are others by STO and WBA on the market as well (not plugging one company!). Here's a link to the RIBA specification page for his job:

    I note that they offer a training course in NI for any sill level too if you can get to Belfast.

    1. Hi Matt. I did consider a render.. but had set my heart on a wood finish composite board. Then discovered the existence of the offcuts of the charred Cedar. however, there may not be enough (10 sqm) for the whole extension (14.5 sqm), so i could do the side walls in charred cedar only , and the south front in another surface. The extension, (including the roof) is entirely below the height of the garden fence and cannot clearly be seen...
      We could not have built in Brick-Block because the wall thickness would be 400mm and with my construction system, we get Passivhaus insulation level with only 185mm. to which we are adding plasterboard and cladding to a total of about 240mm.

    2. I looked at the K-rend website and video. Like it... sorry not to have discovered it before. But they probably only permit franchised plasterers to apply it.

  2. Sorry - typo, that should have read '...for any skill level...'!

  3. Yeah! Trespa board which is a thin, durable composite board with a wide choice of print finishes, including wood finishes.

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