Monday, September 24, 2012

Scaffolding, fixings and rain

23 Sept 2012: [Extension]  The Sunday started with an early knock on the door and Richard Pearson arriving to put up the scaffolding. I am really grateful to him for this as he has a full order book for the week, and wouldn't have been able to do our house until next Saturday. I don't want to lose a whole week's work.

Richard getting to work. He has to build a tower either side of the extension and form a bridge across with a walkable deck, and another deck for the extension roof. Verticals going up on a Sunday morning... just before the rains come down.
Nearly done! It is a complex 3D geometry, but somehow he has a design and is able to build the most economical structure.
PS shortly after this was photographed, we had a continuous 24 hours of rain, but with the tarpaulin up there, and the shelter from the scaffold boards, not a single drip or drop came into the extension!
Meanwhile, I do more on the interior, putting connecting plates between the panels and roof cassettes. Also, I have started the small bit of flat ceiling up by the roof connection to the wall, and will stuff more newspapers etc in there, in a weather proof bag for future generations. Every possible hole or crack is being taped up from within, and I shall use external quality duct tape on the outside, if it would only stop raining!


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