Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012 Reports

For those just arrived, this news item is updated each week with any regular reports on performance of the systems in the Peveril Solar house, notably the annual consumption and generation figures. There has been no heating requirement since April / May, and the only demand on the heat pump is hot water use, that has little variation unless we have people staying to use more water - not often. Until the winter restarts, it seems that the system has settled down to a House consumption of about 5,030 kWh and a GSHP consumption of 2,985 kWh. It will get worse when the heating season starts.

30 Sept: It's been week-one at the University, so not a lot done on the extension until the weekend when my son Henry visited for a day and a half of labour, getting the roof felted and metalled. In the rest of the world... the Brits were wondering what happened to the missing school teacher-pupil duo Forrest and Stammers, but they turned up in Bordeaux. For the annual figures for the Peveril Solar house:
House meter: 5,133 kWh. GSHP meter: 3,085 kWh. PV meter 3,050 kWh. I feel sad that the GSHP has passed the PV, in an unpleasant direction, but I have to take the long view. Averaged over three years, the PV figure I am aiming for is 3,333 kWh (see another article explaining that), and for the GSHP, the annual figure is going up because the 2011 heating season did not start till mid October, a full month after the start-date in 2012 - I just hope that it doesn't get to 3,333. The ground temperature is looking OK at 12.6º, helped by a sunny saturday during the week.

23 Sept 2012: Another grey week, although good progress has been made on the house extension. The heating season began with a run of days with some below-10º temperatures, blowing all my annual figures into a bad place, considering that in 2011 the heating season didn't start until October 16.
For the Peveril Solar house, in kilowatt hours per annum:
House meter annual 5,089 (5,189 over 2 yrs), GSHP 3,039 (3,166 over 2 yrs), PV 3,177 (3,196 over 2 yrs). The Sunbox is at 2,589 (it's a long climb back to the days of being above 3,000 all the time). At the end of a cool week, and the heating back on, the ground temperature bounced downwards to 12.5º.
In the outside world, the shooting of two female police officers in Manchester took most of the headlines, and as a surrealistic follow up, the Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell is in trouble for using a lot of abusive public school boy language towards a female police officer in Downing St only 33 hours after the shooting. The US election campaign rolls on, and I give thanks that Romney's campaign appears to be sinking with team members quitting after the video revelations about the '47%' of welfare scrounging democrats, and consequent criticisms even from conservative media like Fox.

16 Sept 2012: The week has been greyer weather, and despite a small amount of time lost to rain, we got the extension built and the roof on, and more or less watertight. But we need to wait until next month for the windows, so the openings are presently boarded up.  In other parts of the world, the 11 Sept anniversary passed of quietly in New York but with extreme violence in other parts of the world with the US consulate in Benghazi attacked with rocket launchers (killing the US ambassador) and copycat attacks in Cairo, Yemen and Khartoum, and even in London - linked ostensibly to a Youtube movie mocking Mohamed that was made by a convicted fraudster who is breaking parole by having access to the internet with a false name - funded by Xtian fundamentalists. What else?... Andy Murray delighted millions by being the first Brit to win a grand Slam in 76 years! He ended a great year of achievement with a Wimbledon Final, the Olympic Gold medal and winning the US open. The British public were outraged that french paparazzi had photographed Princess Kate sunbathing topless in a very private location in Provence. As there is no public interest in this (compared with similar toe-sucking photos of Fergie), the photographers deserve to be sued for all that the Cambridges can take them for. The Hillsborough enquiry found that there had been evidence of Yorkshire police guilt at the time and in a later cover-up, and exonerated the suffering Liverpool fans.
   What about the Peveril Solar house? Well the figures are much the same, as we haven't turned on the heating yet. We were on holiday a year ago, and so the figures worsen briefly. The GSHP is just scraping under the line at 2,999 kWh. The ground temperature is 13.5ºC, after a week of not much sunshine, although PV figures are looking better at 3,194 kWh.

9 Sept 2012: After a week of working on the house extension, and sunny weather almost every day, our annual figures are at last beginning to improve noticeably.
House and Heat pump are holding steady because it is summer. The PV figures have risen to 3,101kWh, a welcome improvement.
In other places, it was the week of the Democratic Convention, with Clinton, Michelle Obama, Biden, and the President himself all making good speeches.  In France, near Annecy, there was a very scary 'hitman' type murder of a British family in their car. It was the final week of the Paralympics, and more medals have been won by British athletes than ever before. The night closed with a wonderful closing ceremony.

2 Sept 2012: August ended on a good note of improving weather, and September is bringing the summer that we didn't have earlier.

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