Saturday, September 8, 2012

SET 2012 Vancouver, I'm not there

7 Sept 2012: I am meant to be in Vancouver to deliver a paper about the Surya Sunbox system at the SET conference. More specifically, this year's topic is about the recent Thermal Modelling project of July. I can't travel away from home without great difficulty for Mrs N-C, so I did the paper, sent that, and let's hope it gets published. Then did the Powerpoint and a script and gave it to one of our PhD students to deliver at the conference.

Both Vancouver photos by David Tetlow (colleague at the University), attending the SET conference.

Power point (10 slides) and the lecture script (for about 12-18 mins) is on ISSUU.COM at: set_2012_ppt_dnc_ 225_6_sept_with_notes

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