Thursday, September 20, 2012

Transition West Bridgford meeting

20 Sept 2012: West Bridgford Transition had a meeting just as the Equinox appeared, but this was just a coincidence. It seems like the start of the heating season, the first evening of the autumn on which one wondered where one had hung up the scarf!
   Main subjects were to do with the Energy Saving Coop, a Tree planting initiative, ways of improving communications and enlarging membership, and the convergence of many doctors' surgeries into a super sized building on the road to Wilford with about 180 parking spaces - perhaps more efficient or profitable as the doctors might think, but abandoning the town that they serve, assuming that everybody can get there by car. There isn't even a regular bus service on that road - yet.
   The Energy Saving Coop is an Midlands regional initiative to give the public better advice about improvements to their buildings, in the light of the Green Deal and other ways of funding improvements. (see their website). The tree planting idea arises from an offer of a large number of tree-whips, providing our members identify good sites for planting, such as roundabouts, or empty but grassy corner sites, and provide the labour for planting them - we would need to buy the bamboo sticks and the curly whirly plastic surrounds to protect them in the early years.
  If you live in or near West Bridgford and want to take part in future events, please email to 

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