Thursday, October 18, 2012

First slating goes up

17 Oct 2012: [Extension] I started slating in the evening, but it is impossible to photograph black things on a black background in poor light. These are all screwed, not nailed, because there were adjustments to make, including the means of inserting the little copper disc-rivets. With such a short horizontal course length there's a lot of cutting. The window will be the next big problem! How I wish I was putting up single large boards now!
Talking about slating... or being slated.... I am a bit fed up with bring told by my wife that I am not working fast enough. If I work on the slating, I'm meant to be working on the plaster. If I work on plaster, I am told I should be getting rid of the scaffolding (i.e. finish the Sunbox modification). If I do that, I should be slating. And so on and so on, in triangles. Within a week, we will be into GMT, i.e. losing an hour of daylight, so even weekends will be more difficult.

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