Sunday, October 28, 2012

More slating progress

28 October 2012: [Extension] One of my Tall Building Studio students, Pelin, came over to help for an afternoon and most of our daylight time was taken with collecting the old polycarbonate panels from East Leake. With our remaining daylight, we set about working on the slating of the west wall. Getting slating started is the most difficult because in the first two courses, there are a lot of cut slates, and we ran out of daylight soon, but it was a good start. Having someone working for you is an incentive to work quickly, and I was doing all the cutting while she fixed. Sorry, we forgot to take a picture while she was helping. 

This was good start, although later I noticed (and fixed) an error in the batten spacing higher up, and I realised I had to take some slates off again in order to fix the aluminium corner angle. Cutting cutting cutting…. once you get a system going it gets quicker. 
Now the aluminium corner angle is fitted.The slates are put back in and fit perfectly to the corner angle. 
Aaaah. thats enough done for a day. Time for a late lunch and after that, to fix the ETFE fronts onto the Sunbox. Later in the evening, long after dark, I continued with slating on the east wall, getting to work it around the window.Picture later with a few more added: It is amazing how long it takes to sort out all the corner and edge conditions. Quite different from roofing.

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