Monday, October 1, 2012

PV anniversary, the third

1 October 2012: This weekend is the third anniversary of our PV system on the roof and here are some figures for those years. Meter reading on evening of 30th September of each year:

2009 : 6
2010 : 3325 - Annual 3,329 kWh
2011 : 6671 - Annual 3,346 kWh-- Average annual 3,332.5 kWh

2012 : 9722 - Annual 3,051 kWh-- Average annual 3,238.7 kWh

Photo from Sept 2009 while the
PV system was being installed
The annual production is calculated every week, and the best and worst annual figures were both achieved in 2012, thanks to the conjunction of our horribly rainy summer, and the previously sunny 2011. 
  • The worst annual figure was 3,033 kWh on 15 July 2012.
  • The best annual figure was 3,449 kWh on 11 March 2012.
As 2012 was very rainy, I take the first two years as the general yardstick to work to for calculating 'Net Zero'. 
These first two years were in in the range of 3,329-3,345.... giving me a rather resonant number of 3,333 to use as a guide. If the heat pump annual consumption rises above this, even for a week or two, I shall be very downhearted. But lets hope that the weather improves in 2013!

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