Saturday, October 13, 2012

Window goes into Extension

12 October 2012: [Extension] We have finally got the windows installed! Spectrum Installations turned up today with the two Internorm windows in the van. The two guys arrived early, and all was done and fitted by midday!

The plastic window sheet has been taken out, and the installers are getting ready to install the smaller window.They are fixing connecting lugs to the edges of the window. I am very sorry to see that they are aluminium - very good, very strong, but unfortunately, very conductive. If I had time, I would have made them some polycarbonate ones, or asked Henry for some carbon fibre ones.
The installers find that the window openings are perfect. The windows slide neatly into them with millimetres to spare, all round.I didn't make some polycarbonate lugs because my priority was to make neat aluminium section edges to go round the opening - a last thought, wish I had thought of it earlier.
The outside of the window has to be flush with the structural frame, and when it is perfectly plumb, the lugs are secured to the reveal of the opening. There is a 'dumbbell sucker' on the glass face so that Sean has the ability to push and pull the window precisely. Now, it is time to live the large window. It is very heavy (with so many layers of glass).
Up onto the low level stool, but it's still a bit of a problem to lift it to the next level. Notice that two dumbbell suckers are in use. For the final lift, three platforms are a good and safe method. 
Now, Pete is trying to get the face of the frame flush with the window. There is a small error in our wall, being out of plumb by about 4mm at the top (not a large error because it will be covered by the slating or cladding). Sean is steadying it on the inside and getting ready to fix the lugs to the reveal. This window opening was made oversize, so there's about 15mm of space either side to fill up.
Now the aluminium lugs are fastened down all around, and I shall have to make sure that they are covered with insulating material.Pete now fills the gap with foam, using a more advanced applicator, that controls the amount of foam going into the crack.
Special care is required around the lugs to ensure that it is going to be perfectly airtight. The crack around the small window is only about 5mm, but there's enough control with the foam applicator to get it in there, filling the gap without splurging.
Now, black mastic is squeezed into the gap, and the aluminium edge to the opening makes that easy. Masking tape is used to protect the new green coating on the aluminium outer frame. There is a sill, and it just fits…. not even a millimetre to spare! This will be screwed and glued through to the packing below the window. We decide to put the sill into storage for the time being, so that I can complete the external cladding first. 
Now it is time to check the foam on the outside. Actually, a little too much was put in and I had to correct it later in the evening.Finally, the black mastic goes into the outer face of the gap.
Nearly finished the entire job, last minute checks of the mastic, and tidying up. A lot of travelling has gone into this. The Internorm windows have come here from Austria to Newport in Shropshire, then have been transported up to Walsall, and finally to Nottingham.

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