Monday, November 12, 2012

ETFE and Unistrut clamps

11 Nov 12: A very sunny Sunday for a change and I tried to make progress with external work that helps me get that scaffolding down.

Looking at the Surya Sunbox from the field with good winter sunshine, the ETFE skin seems amazingly transparent, and it is performing brilliantly - averaging more than 2 kilowatts.

This is one proof that the ETFE absorbs negligible solar thermal energy. These raindrops are still on the surface many hours after any rain fell - the pavements are dry, and the field is damp so it may have been 8-12 hours ago. Raindrops on a car windscreen or on normal glass would have dried by now in such strong sunshine.I'm working here on the eight clamps that will fix the Surya-4 Sunbox to the house extension roof. These will fit to the raised-seam roofing. There probable are some industrial clamps I could have bought, but I have so much scrap aluminium in my cuttings box that I could make these entirely from scrap.
Now the clamps are all drilled and have rivets in them to hold more firmly to the seams.Darkness comes down so quickly, and the clamps are now fixed to the roof and the UniStrut solar fitting rails are bolted to it, with heavy duty tape to separate the aluminium from the steel (in case of electrolytic corrosion).


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