Friday, November 30, 2012

Floor Tiling and Sunbox mounting

29 November 2012: Chris and Alan (McCabe and Huddleston Builders) came for another day's work putting down the floor tiles. The extension screed was levelled based on the middle of the floor, but we see that the original tiler ramped the tiles slightly towards the skirting so new tiles could not cleanly butt up to the existing edge. 

Chris and Alan have to cut back the first line of tiles, and we ordered enough tiles to do this. (Great Builder's Bum, Chris!)First, they had to cut out the tiles which were slightly sloping, and they used an angle grinder along the joints, then levered up the tiles. Very dusty!
Chris applying the adhesiveAlan working the tiles up to the skirting
Its looking good now and after the tiles have set, they will be grouted.There is a niche waiting for something to fill it...
While I had some muscle on site, I got Chris and Alan to shift the Sunbox container to the correct position on the roof. This required some modification to the scaffolding.Then we lifted the two metal radiators up. They weren't so difficult to lift, but it helps to have two strong guys to do it, and we didn't have to modify the scaffold.
Up goes the first one, and Chris lifted it over the handrail.Here, it was lifted below the handrail and was a lot easier to raise.

Now the box is laid on the roof, I have some work to do!

Roped down in case the wind gets up! Hasn't yet, but it's damn cold and not going to be fun plumbing out there. But we have had sunshine for a couple of days.


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