Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Further work on the NiCad battery

12 Nov 2012: All the NiCad cells have been moved up to the loft and they are now being riveted together in the final arrangement intended for them. A few of them are imperfect, but I will try to make it up to 80 cells, giving a theoretical total of 160 amp-hours.

The cells are all rather unstable if stood up by themselves, so the box must be partitioned to keep them stable and upright, and I happen to have some scrap thin plywood in the garage of exactly the right size. 
56 are now in, a few more to go yet. 


  1. David, make sure your batteries have plenty of ventilation - and maybe a bit more space between each of them, they can sometimes swell.

    1. Hi Andrew, they are loosely jostled together, so there is ventilation and space, although they will get hot in summer if the loft is hot and the PV panel is charging a lot.


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