Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More plaster boarding in the extension

12 Nov 2012: Final Plasterboarding - ceiling goes up. Now I need to get someone in to do the skimming. I have never been able to work out how plasterers do ceilings - when I try, it mostly seems to end up on me. There is still the Thermal boarding to do on the brick wall, that's another pleasure to come. It has been raining much of the day and the thermal boards are so large, they have to be cut up outside the house.

Here is the remaining space to be boarded.
It is so much easier to put the dabs on when the board is on the table.The dabs would not be enough to old the board up alone unless you prime the surface so the same mix of glued is smeared with a 2mm thickness all over the wood surface.

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  1. You will remember that there is some fairly heavy gauge steel work that has been installed in this part of the building. One section spans front to back where the chimney breast was taken out and another section supports the back wall of the house where the ground floor room has been opened up to the new extension.


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