Thursday, November 29, 2012

Slating, Battery and Plumbing

30 Nov 2012: I have recently pushed further ahead with slating, and have nearly finished the east wall. The forming of slate around an opening, close to a wall junction, requires a lot of measuring and cutting. I am keen to reduce waste, and to ensure that slates cannot easily be snapped or blown off. 
The slating has now gone up the left hand side and across the top, and the final aluminium trip is installed along the edge to secure the edge slates. That's me reflected in the glass.An hour or so later and I've got down the right hand side and managed to rivet in the final aluminium trip. 
Looking at the overall end wall, the slating is complete up to a proposed gutter level and I have to think of the best solution for that. Meanwhile, I have also finished building the battery and have 80 cells all joined together, giving a total potentially of 160 amp-hours at 12 volts. Unfortunately my car Battery Charger doesnt work, so I cant charge it up yet. 

It is also time to make a start on the plumbing for the Surya-4 roof mounted Sunbox, so I have to make progress with that. Here's the start. A Wilo 15W pump and a check-valve. More to come.

These are the 15mm pipes rising from the roof mounted Sunbox, and they will change to 22mm inside the loft. The curvy wire is the 3-core cable that will provide 12V DC to the lighting in the new extension.

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