Monday, November 5, 2012

Solar clamp and plastering

5 Nov 2012: Not a lot has been achieved during the weekend because we have been in Bristol for 2 days, but here is a tiny update from Sunday evening.

This is the prototype of eight clamps that I have to make to grip the solar panel to the raised seam roof. Before making anything, I check the box of aluminium off cuts and almost always (in this case always) find just the bits I need) to make something without having to wait a day while more metal is ordered. I have enough to make all eight!

More plasterboarding has been done, the ceiling of the extension. This was difficult to do in the normal ways (dabs onto substrate) without getting it (actually) in the eye, so part way through I tried instead smearing a coating of glue on the wood surface and putting the dabs on the board instead. Worked perfectly!

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