Sunday, November 18, 2012

Surya-4 raised onto the scaffolding

18 Nov 2012: We had a lot of people round for lunchtime drinks, and for the sale of Save the Children christmas cards. When people asked about the "box in the garden", I realised it was a good moment to get help as the raising of the components is a 3 man job not a 2 man job. Jamie Boyer (near neighbour) and Hugh McCormack (friend for 40 years, the first time I met him was helping to lift furniture up 4 flights of stairs) offered to help. By the way, sorry that there was a piece of white paper partially blocking the lens of the iPhone.

We got the polycarbonate front up without photos or a lot of fuss but the box element was more difficult. Heavier and not so easy to hold. We removed a scaffolding pole to make and easier route for it to go.With operations like this it's better to take plenty of rests, and think out the next stage.
Our system was to hold it in 'portrait' format, and have two lifting from below and me above pulling it up and stabilising it at the resting stages. We took out the scaffolding handrail, temporarily.We fixed steel handles onto the OSB board so that the box could be lifted safely.
With the scaffold handrail removed and a handle screwed to the box, it only needed one more heave for the box to lift up onto the main scaffold deck. Jamie is giving a cheerful wave to wife Liz who was wielding the camera.

I turned my attention to getting the huge detail to work, but the sun set and the rest of it was finished in the dark with a helmet lamp.

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