Friday, November 2, 2012

Surya-4 roof-sunbox on the way

1 Nov 2012: I've decided that I should focus on the solar earth charging, and less on the additional PVT. So, with some regret I decided not to install PVT panels on the extension, but to pursue a derivative of the Surya technology that has worked so well on the original Sunbox.
   This design will be roof mounted and contain two metal radiators. I have them as recycled assets from the East Leake project (although in some ways, I would prefer to use more swimming pool panels as they are lighter and easier to instal.)
   The roof panel will be a box construction with timber base and polycarbonate sides and top. The top will be liftable for maintenance purposes.
   These images are rendered with ArchiCAD. I try to model everything before building it.
View from the south-west.View from above with the top lid opened.

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