Monday, December 3, 2012

Loft Plumbing for the new Sunbox

2 Dec 2012: I just have to get on with this, so plumbing work in the loft is well under way. With the hindsight gained from the previous sun box in 2010, I hope to make this better organised and more maintainable in service.
I am very conscious of the risk of airlocks. With check valves you need to consider airlocks on either side of the valve. The pipes have to slope slightly upwards towards an airlock releaser.The flow is going to have most of the 'business' - the pump, check valve and energy meter, and I am leaving reasonable space between each one.
I am trying to use compression fittings as much as possible, but in some cases you have to solder. I used to think that soldering would be easier, but it is not, compression fittings are easier to seal. If a soldered joint leaks, you have major problems once there is liquid in the pipe.It was a cold day, but very sunny and the liquid temperature was good, feeding thermal energy down below - somehow, the ground temperature is still holding good, at 11.0ÂșC or more.
It is important that all building work is properly supervised, and I have a helper who administrates quality control. Even if he doesn't quite follow, it is enjoyable to get such sunshine in winter.OK…. the big CUT! this is quite a move, cutting into a pipe that has done such an excellent job for nearly three years. Let's hope I don't make a complete mess of it!

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