Friday, December 28, 2012

Slating West wall completed

28 Dec 2012: I've been working on the gutter and the west wall slating, and have got most of it finished. The gutter only needs to be led to the conservatory gutter and it is finished. The West Wall slating is now completel 

Mounting detail for the gutter corner, which will be using self tapping screws.

Mounting detail for the east wall gutter-end, also using self tapping screws into the metal angle. There is a short fall of about 3cm over the length of 3.6 metres.

Progress on the west wall slating. Every slate has to be individually tailored at this stage. Measure, return to garage to cut, then return to wall to mount, then measure for the next one….

Here is the first slate angled to fit the verge. Many more to do!As daylight falls, I'm getting this job finished - no tea or biscuits until it is done (after dark). In case of any accident, there is a blue safety rope if I fall off the ladder.

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