Friday, January 4, 2013

Finishing work on the extension

4 January 2013: The only slating to finish is the sill-bit below the large window, but I can't do that until I can buy more aluminium angle, and the Faculty Engineering stores don't re-open until 7th Jan. The East and West walls are finished, and I have now fixed down the aluminium roofing

There are some slates temporarily fitted to keep the
battens dry, and the green metal sill is now fitted.
I had to make a component for each end, like this, that provides four tabs that the folded over aluminium roofing can be riveted to. It is a 25x25x3mm T-section, with 1.6mm aluminium bent tabs riveted to it. The tabs are over long, and get trimmed back to size.Night photo of the edge section, tucked in below the overhanding roof panel. The 0.7mm aluminium sheet roofing is lifted briefly, for the photo. I tend to work in the evening darkness a lot, and use a headlamp. 
Daytime photo of the west end, showing the edge section, one of the four tabs, and the long screw about to fix it through to the structural OSB panel. All this aluminium is made from scraps in the metal scrap box, or recycled from earlier projects.
I have a philosophy, which is, that if the thing you need doesn't exist, DESIGN it, MEASURE the site precisely, and then MAKE it!
I calculated at the builders merchant that I would need 200 slates. Because they only sell them in packs of 15, I considered getting 195, but they are not expensive, so I bought 210. The work is completely finished. So how many have I got left, unused? well…. there are TEN, meaning that my estimate of 200 was precisely calculated to the exact number! I didn't have any lost or broken slates, and tried to make double use of slates wherever possible (i.e 2 small pieces can come from each end of one slate.)

The Sunbox4 is at the east end of the extension for four reasons.
  • It gets rain shelter from the Surya sunbox above it, 
  • it leaves space at the east end for a future PV panel, 
  • it means that the pipes supplying it have the shortest possible run to the vertical conduit, and 
  • I can examine it from the bedroom windows above to check for leaks or any other problem.
The West end with the aluminium roof sheeting finally riveted down. Neat job!

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