Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013 Reports

27 Jan 2013: A long grey week with the snow on the ground, but there was a lot of rain on Saturday night and warm sunshine all Sunday. Great for outdoor work, every trace of snow was melted, and my solar sunboxes were doing well. Solar capture in the day was 19 kWh, totalling both sunboxes and the PV.
   Elsewhere in the world... we had the outdoor inauguration of President Obama, Andy Murray made it to the Australian Open final, but lost in 4 sets to Djokovic. There is a breaking news story about a night club fire in Brazil. There's a big economic summit in Davos, Switzerland and David Cameron is digging himself into embarassingly deep snowdrifts with his In/Out European policy. The Mali situation continues. It was the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice. Our new semester starts at the university, and we are running a dual channel of Tall Buildings and Wide Buildings. For the Peveril Solar house:
  • House annual 5,520, biennial 5,058 kWh. 
  • GSHP annual 3,506, biennial 3,048 kWh. If February is warmish, the figures will come down.
  • PV annual 3,011, biennial 3,203 kWh. Snow on roof all week.... 
  • Sunbox annual 2,416, biennial 2,745 kWh. Biennial going up a bit.... 
  • Ground Temperature  10.6ºC . It helped, having two sunny days at the weekend, especially Sunday! (Lowest this winter is 10.4ºC)
20 Jan 2013: Britain has been blanketed with snow all week, and I have published a stop-frame movie of the tobogganing just outside our house.
Collection of Twitter photos compiled
by the Telegraph, of the Helicopter crash
     Elsewhere, the world has been gripped by the story of the Algerian gas plant taken over by Islamic terrorists and many hostages held or killed. Barack Obama has been sworn in as President in a private ceremony and the big open air one is tomorrow on Monday. In or Out of Europe is being heavily discussed in England, but isn't it always? Lance Armstrong came clean about his drug-taking on TV with Oprah. A helicopter collided in low cloud with a crane on the new Vauxhall tower and crashed into the streets below - if he had held his course northward he would have been safe, but he got worried about the fog and diverted westward towards Battersea - causing him to hit the crane. Some climbers in Glencoe were killed in a snow avalanche - very sad seeing those faces.
     The snow has blanketed our house all week, and so we have terrible figures for PV, Heat pump and Sunbox. According to my iPhone weather, the next smallest glimmer of sunshine isn't expected for another 4 days! We just have to hunker down and hope for better in the Spring.
  • House annual 5,496, biennial 5,060 kWh. Groan, going up!
  • GSHP annual 3,505, biennial 3,055 kWh. Oh dear.
  • PV annual 3,019, biennial 3,202 kWh. Doh!
  • Sunbox annual 2,420, biennial 2,734 kWh. Nothing in the last week... 
  • Ground Temperature  10.4ºC . Squeaky bum time, I hope we have a bit of sunshine next week! Must not go below 10.0 !!!
13 Jan 2013: Weather has been cold and is predicted to get colder, but the house is snug and warm, and  the electricity consumption is still moderate while the energy level below is still good. I like sunny Sundays because it give the ground temperature a bit of help. Snow is falling lightly as I write.

Elsewhere.... the gun debate in the US went ballistic for a while when Piers Morgan and Alex Jones had a hilariously confusing debate on TV, and a gun loving idiot called James Yeager promised to 'start killing people' if the President brought in any form of gun control (look them up on Youtube). The Royal Airforce are supporting the French in missions in Mali. David Bowie produced his first new song for over 10 years. London Underground ran the very first underground steam train along the Circle Line. It has been lovingly restored by a Buckinghamshire Railway Centre for the occasion.
   Climatically, Australia has had a sequence of the hottest days ever recorded with continent wide averages temperatures of over 40ºC - with a flashpoint high enough to cause terrible fires. The US has had the hottest year on record, and still the majority of US population seem to deny climate change. 
   Energy figures are about the same as last week, with the main change being a consistent climb in solar capture from the Sunboxes.

6 January 2012: First report of the year, and so far, it hasn't rained! Well, not in Nottingham, anyway. In 6 days, it has averaged three sunny days, and three overcast days. In the US, the Fiscal Cliff was avoided, and nothing of note happened in the UK. With the weather being so mild, our ground temperature has gone up slightly, and consumption figures are looking better than I hoped.
  • House annual 5,426, biennial 5,029 kWh, and I will be soooo happy if this gets below 5,000.
  • GSHP annual 3,428, biennial 3,033 kWh. ditto if it can get below 3,000 biennially.
  • PV annual 3,035, biennial 3,209 kWh. No significant improvement yet!
  • Sunbox annual 2,451, biennial 2,757 kWh. Looking better.
  • Ground Temperature - 11.3ºC . It has gone up after the mild and sunny week, but I am sure there will be a cold spell before the Spring sets in.

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