Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunshine after the snow

13 Jan 2013: After a light covering of dawn snowfall and below freezing temperatures, Sunday has been true to its name, with lots of free solar energy pouring down, thermally and electrically!
View from the South westView from the South east

Someone called Linda asked me if the upper boxes cut out light to the bedroom. The boxes do not cut out low angled winter sun. Yes, they might reduce white daylight very slightly, but each room also has a large main window east or west. The overhanging boxes provide solar shading in summer, which is welcome.


  1. what was the final cost of this project?

    1. Its been done over a long period of time (since early 2010) and I havent counted my time precisely, but on a prototype, one never does. The Sunbox below was made in a much shorter time because I knew what i was doing. The box construction one day, with a helper. Getting the radiators in and plumbing them externally.... Plumbing internally to an existing loop.... finally, the electrics... Its been worth it because I had a mission to aim for carbon zero, and reached that.


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