Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter comparisons

28 Feb 2013: With all the pundits saying this is the 'end of the winter', hahaha, I'm looking at the figures for the winter quarter. Let's call this the months of December, January and February.
(I usually prefer to work in calendar quarters, but I will summarise that at the end of March.)
  The Table above is interesting for me, it shows the winter quarter of Nov30 to Feb 28 in the last four years. The short weather note summarises the general drift of external weather that influenced the figures.

  • The PV is good for showing the general sunniness of the period each of which had some snowfall for a while covering the panels. 
  • There is evidence of a substantial reduction in GSHP consumption since the Sunbox was fitted. 
  • In the last three winters, there is a continuing improvement in the Sunbox performance, mainly as a result of technical improvements. 

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