Sunday, April 28, 2013

CIBSE award the prize

25 April 2013: I very much enjoyed going to the CIBSE annual technical symposium on 11 April, and I delivered my powerpoint with my usual enthusiasm, although very conscious that I am an architect, not qualified as a building services engineer. My paper was on the Thermal Modelling exercise on the borehole under the Peveril Solar House.

I had a letter this week from CIBSE to say that for the second year running, I had won the award for the 'most effective delivery of material', with a book token of £50 ! I will probably spend this on their classic book on Heat Pumps - might understand a few things that still mystify.
Last year, I bought their ultimate book on vertical transportation.

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  1. Fantastic news David, well deserved keep up the brilliant work.


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