Monday, June 10, 2013

Repairs to the Tee piece, done!

10 June 2013: The repair is done, and the system ran for many hours without any sign of a leak (the jubilee clipped hose joints have never ever leaked.)
I now have to close up the sun boxes and we are in business again. I forgot to photograph the finished tee close up, sorry! I don't see how the tee piece can fail now, but if there is excess pressure, it's a bit worrying that a fail could happen elsewhere. That's why there are 4 expansion vessels on this system!

The tee piece is in place and I have restored the centre panel cover, and the insulated ducting to the inflow pipe. Here is a view of the repaired tee piece, looking upwards!
The left hand outer ETFE panel goes on. I needed a helper, but managed somehow. The main problem was the risk of puncturing the ETFE by letting the panel fall against the sunbox sharp corners. Now the right hand panel goes on. 
I have another week of the scaffolding, so I will hope for some sunny days and monitor the performance of the system. After just one day of working, I noticed that the ground temperature has risen from 12.7º on Saturday to 13.1º on Sunday evening.
I have some numberplate lettering so I can have
on the panel

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