Friday, July 5, 2013

Exchange pump for tubes

Friday 5 July 2013: Circulation in the Tube-circuit is a problem, so Step One, I took all the components off and checked each one in case there was a blocked strainer. Everything is clear, although the flexible connections to the heat exchanger are quite narrow in diameter. 
  The main problem is that the low wattage consumption pump was too feeble to push the liquid through the heat exchanger and the other parts, unless it was at maximum power of 45watts.
  I've taken Step Two which is to replace the Wilo pump with a more powerful model - 6m head instead of 4m head. And in the next week or so, I will probably replace the Flexible Joints with fixed piping. That means that the position of the Heat Exchange will no longer be adjustable, but that is a sacrifice that is needed for improvement to the performance. This is working but needs to be at 72 watts to be strong enough to push through.

On the main Surya Sunbox circuit, I have removed one of the check valves (replacing it with open pipe) as it is not really needed, and I notice that the flow rate has improved, with the low power pump.

On the tubes, I need to remove the flexible connections so that all further obstruction is removed. 

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