Monday, July 8, 2013

Fixing leak - probably needs scaffold

8 July 2013: The gravel on the ground below the sunbox has a distinct pattern of wetness. There's no point in collecting it in the bucket because it will be contaminated, but the bucket shows the 'rate of loss' quite well. 

I'm trying to fix it from the ladder, but it's very difficult and rather dangerous. I am using a lifeline and the ladder is tied on, but one still cannot exert real force on a screwdriver or see clearly what is being done. The hosing between the two panels seems about a centimetre too short, and tightening up the jubilee clip alone may not be enough of a fix (it did feel slightly loose).

Ladder or Scaffold
I have been up the ladder and had a good look, and the problem is the lower hose section connecting the left hand panel-pair. It's not enough to just tighten the jubilee clip, because, somehow (perhaps during the tee piece fixing) the hose got moved slightly, and is off centre. It needs to move 10mm rightwards, then re-tighten. I might be able to do it without scaffolding.
   If you never hear from me again, I am in the Queens Medical Centre after falling off the ladder. Seriously.... I will  use a lifeline and tie the ladder on securely.


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