Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hose is secured!

Looking upwards at the
repaired hose and clips
11 July 2013: After two days of slow draining of the Surya-3 Sunbox panels (which hold many many litres of fluid), I finally moved that piece of hosing 10mm sideways so that it is now equal between the two panels. The Jubilee clips have been retightened and the panels are not leaking. 
This was accomplished by a combination of ladder work and reaching out of the bedroom window. The work has still saved £250 worth of scaffolding, perhaps I should spend something like that on an improved energy meter for the roof mounted Surya-4. 
 I would still like a pop-up platform scaffold or similar for this sort of light maintenance. I think the hosing got moved when I was doing the work to insert the Tee-piece and i had to loosen off the panels and hoses to give some flexibility for fitting the tee. In the end, I used a simpler leakproof tee piece, but must have forgotten to fully check all the other hoses. 
I hope it doesnt matter that the jubilee clip
isnt pefectly lined up :( It is still keeping the
junction leak-free
Now it's time to refill.... Will be a long job. Took 2 days to drain.

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