Monday, July 29, 2013

July 2013 reports

28 July 2013: The last week of July has been quite mild with a regular mixture of sun and light rain. The most noticeable change is the productivity of the two Sunboxes - the Surya-3 with the ETFE front panels is simply bounding ahead of all previous expectations! When the month ends, I will publish a new energy and ground temperature graph.
Some House figures:
  • House annual 5,415, biennial 5,210 kWh. 
  • GSHP annual 3,427, biennial 3,202 kWh,  triennial 3,245 kWh. 
  • PV annual 3,128, biennial 3,096 kWh, triennial 3,166 kWh. 
  • Sunbox annual 2,922, biennial 2,744 kWh. Sunbox 3 improving rapidly with the help of the ETFE front panels.
  • Ground Temperature 14.0ºC. This used to be the highest peak ever possible, now it is a more consistent temperature over a few weeks.

21 July 2013: Ground temperature dropped back to 13.7ºC after a cool weekend at the end of the July heatwave. Annual PV grew to 3,170, and the annual Sunbox capture increased from 2776 to 2878 after some days of exceptional weather and performance.

14 July 2013: the month started with a week of overcast and rainy spells, but the mid period of July is the longest period of summer heat since 2011. I have had to cope with leaks (which have been fixed), but I still have anxieties. The biggest worry would be a leak underground. Let's not think about that! Glycol solution does not dry off quickly, so there are long lasting tell tale smears if there is one.
  We have had several days this month when the system has packed 59 kilowatt hours in a single day - three times in the last 8 days! This is a combination of electrical and thermal storage. Now, I have a new target, which is to see if we can pack in a full SIXTY!

World News later, here are some metering figures for the midpoint of the month. For the House and the GSHP there isn't much change because it's summer! PV, Sunbox and Ground are on the way up:
  • House annual 5,399, biennial 5,204 kWh. 
  • GSHP annual 3,424, biennial 3,204 kWh,  triennial 3,249 kWh. 
  • PV annual 3,132, biennial 3,081 kWh, triennial 3,163 kWh. Improving - in first two years of operation the average was 3,300 per annum!
  • Sunbox annual 2,776, biennial 2,653 kWh. Improving rapidly with three systems working, and better weather.
  • Ground Temperature 14.1ºC. This went up thanks to a warm sunny weekend. This first time in 4 years that I am seeing ground temperature so high.
7 July 2013: I'm doing house reports on alternate weeks during the summer unless something changes.

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