Friday, August 30, 2013

Inverter off again

29 Aug 2013: After a day, I had to turn it off as the Inverter was making an alarm call, the TV was off, and the web-router off too.... seems that the battery doesn't hold enough charge to survive even a day. I don't know what to do now... the PV panel is bought and installed... so is the next thing to buy a conventional lead acid battery?


  1. Hi David. Maybe you already have such a facility or perhaps you have no need, but what about diverting the power to the hot water tank immersion heater and storing the energy there?
    Regards, Andrew Bulmer

    1. Hi Andrew, we dont have a pre-heater water tank to do this with. I might have to give in and get a caravan battery, instead of these mysterious NiCads. They are old already, and have a different behaviour from lead-acid.

  2. I believe the weapon of choice for diy battery bankers are 6v golf buggy batteries and that it is better to much more capacity than you need. The less deeply you discharge them the longer they last. Just what I have gleaned from YouTube.

  3. Read something the other day about graphene coated silicon supercapacitors. Now if this isn't just internet snake oil it is the holy grail for solar pv.


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