Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inverter running now

27 Aug 2013: I have, very cautiously connected the battery to a load. It has had three days of charging slowly from the single PV panel, days of mixed cloudy bright conditions. The battery rose from a starting voltage of 11vDC to 13.6vDC.
   I have started using it by running the water pump that operates the evacuated tubes, 72W power consumption. This consumption occurs when there is sunlight or brightness in the sky, so the 200W PV panel should be able to meet this load.
   If the battery is happy after a couple of days, I will add more load by connecting more appliances, e.g. another of the waterpumps.
   The regulator is quite good in displaying the current battery condition, and it allowed the battery to rise in voltage to 13.6vDC which is something the car charger did not allow. Once it is working under load, it levels to an equilibrium of 12volts.
   One thing I have added to the group of appliances is the TV aerial amplifier in the loft. This means that when my wife complains that the TV signal has suddenly gone weak, I know that I need to go into the loft and see what is happening...

Perhaps in winter, I will need to connect the appliances to the mains, as before.

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