Monday, February 24, 2014

February Reports

24 February 2014: I have not being doing such frequent reports so often now, as I am in the fifth year of this experiment, so daily readings of the meter are no longer necessary or a surprise. It's more like twice a week now. As of 23 Feb 2014:
  • House annual 5,142, biennial 5,309 kWh. Reducing. It's been a mild winter.
  • GSHP annual 3,098, biennial 3,274 kWh, triennial 3,078 kWh. 
  • PV annual 3,139, biennial 3,075 kWh, triennial 3,190 kWh. Steady....
  • Sunbox annual 3,585, biennial 3,034 kWh. Good
  • Ground Temperature 11.1ÂșC - dipped in early Feb, but rising at last.
Phot of Somerset levels flooding from
Western morning news

News-wise, the main events have been the severe gales and rain, and the consequent flooding of southern England (Thames and Somerset levels), and the government's uneven response to it (Somerset = apathetic, Thames valley = suddenly 'Money is no Object'). And the odious Paterson and Pickles, both Climate Change deniers cut the funding to the Environment Agency in previous years, and currently 25% of the EA workers have redundancy notices on their desks. 
Logo for the Winter Olympics

In other parts of the world, we had the Winter Olympics at Sochi, Russia, with some wonderful events taking place, including many new sports for snowboard and skis. 

Politically, the main news has been of Ukraine. It's difficult to know who the 'good and bad guys' are in this, but I am glad that Yulia Timoshenko has been released from prison. 

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