Monday, February 24, 2014

With a little bit of help from the Gasman

24 February 2014: One change I have had to make in the thermal equation of the house, is that with my wife being ill recently, we have to keep the house warmer. Part of her problem is having a low body temperature, so we have to make sure the house is comfortable. 
    So I had to raise the thermostat another degree to 22.5ยบ for the house. We also have a gas fire in the living room that we never use, and was put in only if the GSHP had downtime during winter. That has a pilot light that we have left off for several years. 
    With the pilot light on, it puts out 230 watts of heat all the time, that adds up to 39 kWh over a whole week (about 5.5 kWh/day). So the pilot is left on permanently for the month of February - it will probably be turned off in March. 
   The warmth it gives out, and the consequent additional energy consumption has probably been balanced by a reduction in activity of the GSHP because the air temperature is helped by the pilot light. i.e. the 5.5 kWh/day used by the gas pilot is probably balanced by an equivalent reduction in GSHP consumption. We never actually need to turn the gas fire on! The weather has been mild with almost no frosts, but plenty of wind. 

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