Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solar security light installed

29 April 2014: Some months ago I was sent an EYE solar security light as a donation from Solar Centre, but I have only just got round to fixing it up. Read about it at:
I feel slightly worried about going up high ladders at my age, especially when my wife is away much of the time, and there is nobody to call if I fall off!
Anyway, I decided to get on with it, and put it up. As I have had a whole winter of dark evenings with no light in the garden (due to previous light failing), it was needed. In this picture, the new solar PV panel has been fitted to the aluminium bracket that gives a better southward view. The fixing bracket is secure (the previous unit's PV panel had a broken bracket). There is also a foam pad touching the Soil pipe to avoid vibration in windy conditions.This security light is donated by SOLAR CENTRE who had been noticing my blog and were interested in my solar endeavours and wanted me to evaluate this new design. I found some difficulty getting the previous one off, as the old unit included screws which had rusted solid - it seems odd for an external fitting to skimp on such a simple detail. 
My ladder has a good safety triangular frame at the top which makes for safer working, and enables one to fix a secure rope and bungee cord. In this picture, the lower shape is the two way heat reclaim ventilator, the middle light is a failed 240V security light, and the top one is the new Solar Centre light fitting. This is the finished installation. The design has the sensor-controller as a separate unit, which is a good idea - it can point in one direction while the light can be able to point in another, e.g. over the back garden. (The plant pot that lives below the light is now back on its hook).
I also noticed that the Solar Centre fitting uses stainless screws externally, and has good watertight push fit connectors on the cables. I am not sure if the Battery is NiCad or Lithium, but never mind. The solar panel is slightly larger than the one on the previous light, and has a stouter bracket. The sensor-controller has digitally settable options for daylight level and time delay. 


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