Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 2014 Reports

27 May 2014: Wet weather returned for the first two weeks, but it has been hot or sunny with showers ever since. Sorry that it's been a month since last posting metering reports.
  • House annual 4,783, biennial 5,129 kWh. Reducing. 
  • GSHP annual 2,747, biennial 3,104 kWh, triennial 3,052 kWh. Steady
  • PV annual 3,168, biennial 3,098 kWh, triennial 3,154 kWh. (Higher than GSHP)
  • Sunbox annual 4,087, biennial 3,415 kWh. Rising, topped the 4k mark!
  • Ground Temperature 12.9ÂșC - rising more steadily than last spring.

At Peveril, there is an influence which is almost self cancelling, energy wise. My wife had some weeks in hospital again for her condition, and during that time, the energy consumption falls (less heating, less cooking, baking, ironing). Now that she is back, she is suffering from low temperature, so the house must be warmer than usual, so we have the heating on in the end of May.
    World wide, the bigger stories are the British yacht that was lost with a crew of four in the Atlantic, the advance of UKIP in the British elections (and similar advances in other European countries), the continuing story of the Nigerian children abducted by Boko Haram, and more bomb outrages by BH..... a military coup in Thailand, and a right-wing Modi government winning Indian elections. The famous Mackintosh School of Art in Glasgow had a disastrous fire, starting from an electrical device in the basement. Ukraine simmers on, and excitement builds up for the World Cup and the tennis grand slams (some chaos in Brazil as they struggle to complete the stadia). In Formula1, Hamilton and Rosberg are having a 1-2 2-1 rivalry, where their team wins all races but the drivers keep swapping roles for winner and runner up. 

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