Sunday, July 6, 2014

More work on the pond

7 July 2014: The work proceeds on the pond, with a pond liner delivered, and the turf lifted. Earth and hardcore have been lifted and I have reached the hard base clay layer, and worry about the work of getting that lifted. I might have to hire a skip and a mini-excavator to get that up!

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  1. Hi please don't forget that with your pond, you will need to add oxygen to make a really healthy environment for wild life, and also to stop green algae, I used the site has a good blog about solar fountains and oxygenators, these are quite essential now adays, even if you add oxygenating plants, the 'green' can still form in abundant quantities. There are mains versions available, but with solar power there is in my opinion no option, why have mains power when if you get a decent kit, solar is an option?


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