Monday, March 16, 2015

Making a rabbit trap for the organic farm

March 2015: My farming friend John Macdonald has a problem of a rabbit in his polytunnel on the PIP organic farm, so I resolved to make a large scale model of the mouse catcher. This is entirely made from plywood from a skip, except for the duct tape and the small quantities of aluminium and polycarbonate which are all recycled from previous solar panel projects.

Forming the basic box shape using 8th inch ply and black duct tape.

 A tilting door at the end composed of polycarbonate and small length of hardwood with aluminium brackets.

When a rabbit walks in to the box, it tilts and closes the door which then locks using small aluminium catches. The window allows one to check to see if there is anybody inside the box ha ha.

As an April afterthought, I thought I would ask John whether he has actually caught his rabbit from this. I will add it to this posting, although when I last asked, he thought the rabbit had actually left the polytunnel. With this one spring weather, it is possibly getting too hot for the rabbit and there is no supply of water in the polytunnel.

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