Monday, April 13, 2015

Fitting a deep charge battery to PV panel

13 April 2015: I have had a spare PV panel on my extension roof for about two years and let two summers go by without using it. I wasted a lot of time trying to build a battery with NiCad cells, but lost heart, they don't seem to run anything for more than a few hours.

I finally decided to get myself a VICTRON AGM  110AH deep charge battery and this is now connected and charging at 0.7 A when the sun shines.There was spare space on the extension roof. I hope to run something like the glycol pumps off it, and some 12volt lighting down in the dining room.
The last postings on this was in December 2012, in which I felt that the NiCad was a mistake:

I need to elevate the PV panel on short 200mm legs so that the panel is not shaded by the polycarbonate sunbox when the Sun is in the West.

Why the Victron AGM?
You can't use a Car battery, as they are designed for high output for short periods (when starting the engine), so you need a deep charge one : a Caravan/Boat domestic battery which is designed for light continuous loads. It's something to do with the spacing of the plates in the battery.
I currently have a Maplins inverter (in the photo), perhaps I ought to get a Victron Inverter too.


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