Friday, August 14, 2015

August 2015 Update on the Peveril Solar House

14 August 2015: Hi, it is sometime since I made entries into the blog. Mostly, this is because things are going well and the bulk of my solar charging work was done back in 2010 and 2011. My interest since then have moved to the garden, the pond, and to helping on my friends farm. I am continuing to take meter readings and I must enter these and update some of the graphs of house performance.

   I am also preoccupied with the work of my students, during the summer I have 12 Masters dissertations to supervise, and this means going into work almost every day, even though I am meant to be nearly retired. Although I am passed retirement age, I still run three semesters per year of a masters postgraduate course.

   I quite enjoy it when I get cold telephone calls offering me solar panels, or like I had today, offering me a heat pump. I usually thank the caller politely and tell them that I am already living in a carbon zero house, ha ha ha, and then I wonder what they really think, am I winding them up? Some of them appear not to believe it but most of them just ring off immediately, I suppose, treating me like they are mostly treated by the people they telephone.

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