Autumn 2012: We are building a house extension that is small, but is intended tobe a piece of exemplary construction - innovative fabrication methods, highly insulated, power saving and power generating.

There are already blog-postings about this, with photos, and more will be posted whenever anything is done on the extension. Any building work that takes place is reported here.

Meanwhile, try clicking on this, it will display every page that mentions the extension:

August 2012: We have laid the foundations and ordered the windows.
September 2012: We have fabricated all the panels and got the structure of the extension in place. 
Internorm Window information
Construction section

Note, South is to the right --->>>, This drawing is rotated to make the plans fit an A4 sheet best.
The plan is only to extend 950mm southwards, but that is all the site we have. It is extending the dining room, providing a large window to the south, a small window to the east (morning light) and a deep niche to the west for book shelves and storage.
The extension will generate more power than it will use. The power is to be stored in batteries. (Or I may just give it to the grid for free - my main research is to get the thermal power from it.)
The metal roofing is raised seam so that the panels can be fitted without having to drill through - the fixing will be clamps to the raised seams.
Late October: The plan for PVT was dropped, and I built another Sunbox instead - roof-mounted using metal radiators. This was working by early December. 
November 2012: We got the interior plastered, and the slating started, and plumbing work done for the Sunbox.
December 2012: What time I had, I spent getting the slating finished and the gutter up. 
January 2013: It is finished, subject to some very small additions of aluminium at the corners, interior shelving and some painting.

View from the SW - showing the black slating on the extension walls.View from the SE - showing the aluminium roofing, the vertical duct, and the roof-mounted Sunbox-4, using polycarbonate from the East Leake project.

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