Types Of Double Glazing Windows

Types Of Double Glazing Windows

One great way to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible is to have double glazing installed, and there are many types of double glazing windows to choose from!

You really should also consider upgrading your windows when you get solar panels. This can help you to make the most of your energy. There are a wide range of frames and styles from which you can choose. Styles like bay windows and casement windows are often popular choices – and can increase your energy efficiency.

Read all about the types of double glazing windows below.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a type of window that often has its hinges at the side, which allows them to swing open.

You will often find that these windows open towards you. This makes them easily accessible when cleaning or performing other maintenance.

They are a popular choice of window, and can offer numerous benefits. They are secure, aesthetically pleasing, and great at keeping energy in your home.

Casement windows are also one of the cheaper styles of window, with a price range of: £250 – £750. This does not mean that the quality is lower, however. These windows offer many great benefits for you, your home, and your bills.

Bay Windows

These windows are another very popular choice of window in the United Kingdom. This is because they look great, and provide lots of benefits for your home.

Bay Window - Type Of Double Glazing Window

Bay windows are very distinct. They protrude from the external walls of your house, and are often made up of three or four attached windows.

This particular style of window is designed to allow lots of natural light into your home, which can help you to save on your electricity bills.

Sash Windows

Another popular type of double glazing window in the UK.

Sash windows are often made up of separate panels that can be slid up and down to create an opening. Modern designs of these windows have allowed for fantastic energy efficiency, and they can really help you to save on your energy bills.

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